The company's management understands the business environment and is responding appropriately to the changes that occur in it. Tracking the needs of customers and other stakeholders, risk management and business opportunities, as well as quickly and effectively acting in an event of deviation from requirements are important parts of the company's management. The demands and expectations of customers and other stakeholders are realized through the established quality management system. The company's management and all employees are responsible for implementing and achieving goals in all areas of work. The first and most important goal of the quality management system is to meet the customer's requirements and their expectations. Our business success and existence or further development depend on how successful we are. We accomplish this goal by:

  • meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers in their entirety
  • making sure the production and dispatch of products is free of errors
  • making continuous improvements
  • providing necessary resources to achieve our goals
  • establishing a system with clear responsibilities and powers to achieve goals
  • communicating about strategy, policies, and goals throughout society
  • considering the process approach
  • providing a competent, responsible and motivated team
  • planning and developing processes, products and services that meet the needs and expectations of customers by teamwork and project approach
  • encouraging all employees in achieving goals and commitment to quality
  • maintaining and improving the company's knowledge
  • measuring and monitoring the achievement of set goals, monitoring the customer satisfaction, and encouraging improvement at all levels
  • establishing relationships with suppliers, the local community and other stakeholders
  • adapting all processes in the company to the standards of quality and environmental protection, market demands and aspirations for business excellence
  • adapting all processes in the company to the current legislation, in particular legislation in the field of the company's operations, in the field of labor relations, ecology and tax legislation
  • striving to establish and maintain common values ​​and ethical behavior at all levels.

We are all part of the quality management system and each of us performs work that is directly or indirectly related to the fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders. Therefore, each individual contributes their share to the fulfillment of these requirements and, hence, to the performance of the company.